Large Barns

Construction Options
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Available Doors

New Holland door

Stall Door 1

Stall Door 2

Prehung Interior/
Exterior Door 1

Stall Door 3


Prehung Interior/
Exterior Door2

Overhead Door 1


Overhead Door 2

Slider Door 1

Dutch Door


Overhead Door 3

Overhead Door 3

Slider Door 2

Slider Door 3

Slider Door 4

Slider Door 5



MWI 36" w/louvers

MWI 36" with windows and premium flashing

MWI 36" w/windows & premium flashing

Estate Series Bethany

Estate Series Dalton Cupola

Estate Series Dalton

Estate Series Kingston Cupola

Estate Series Kingston

Estate Series Pinnacle Cupola

Estate Series Pinnacle

Estate Series Salisbury Cupola

Estate Series Salisbury

Estate Series Villa Cupola

Estate Series Villa

Select Series Carlisle Cupola

Select Series Carlisle

Select Series Ellsworth Cupola

Select Series Ellsworth

Select Series Hamlin Cupola

Select Series Hamlin

Select Series Morton Cupola

Select Series Morton

Select Series Morton Copper Louvres Cupola

Select Series Morton
Copper Louver

Shed Series Black Cupola

Shed Series Black

Shed Series Brown Cupola

Shed Series Brown

Shed Series Copper Cupola

Shed Series Copper

Shed Series Brown Louver Cupola

Shed Series Brown Louver

Shed Series Green Louver Cupola

Shed Series Green Louver

Shed Series Copperton Cupola

Shed Series Coppertone

Shed Series Blue Louver Cupola

Shed Series Blue Louver

Shed Series Red Cupola

Shed Series Red




24 inch country doctor

MWI 24" Country Doctor

24 inch eagle

MWI 24" Eagle

30 inch rooster

MWI 30" Rooster

46 inch horse

MWI 46" Horse

Eagle Weathervane copper

Good 647P 42" Eagle

Country Doctor Copper Weathervane

Good 548P Country Doctor

Rooster copper weathervane

Good 616P 37" Rooster

Horse Copper Weathervane

Good 623P 27" Patchen Horse

Other weathervane styles are available upon request.


Perma-Column DiagramPerma-Column Foundation

Clients can specify a "Perma-Column®" foundation as an alternative to standard posts. Perma-Columns combine the economy and speed of post-frame construction with the durability of a concrete foundation.

Perma-Column Inside PhotoPerma-Columns put long-lasting, high-strength concrete in contact with the ground. Steel "U" brackets firmly anchor the wood post structure to the foundation.

For more information, visit the Perma-Column website.


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