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Construction Specs

Because we custom build, each project has to be looked at separately. A set of plans needs to be drawn up specific to your building. A lot of these specifications will vary from building to building because many factors need to be taken into consideration to come up with a structure that will meet code and will still be standing for your next generation. Here are many of the materials that we use in our buildings.

Holes are augered into the ground approximately 4’ deep around the perimeter of the building. On smaller structures a precast concrete pill is placed in the hole as a footing. Posts are set in on the footing and backfilled around with dirt taken out of the hole and tamped in place. On larger structures we use a premix concrete truck to pour the footing, and in the case of a high and wide building, the posts are placed in the hole and then poured in place with concrete for stability to the structure.
Diameter of holes normally range in size from 18” to 24” depending on the specifications called for.
Glu-Lam Posts
3ply 2x6 (4”x 5 1/4”)
4ply 2x6 (5 3/8” x 5 _”)
3ply 2x8 (4” x 7”)
4ply 2x8 (5 3/8” x 7”)
5ply 2x8 (6 11/16” x 7”)
(each building is designed with the post size needed to carry correct specification load)

Headers and Beams
Each building is designed with the specific headers needed to carry the roof load. There are different factors that enter in:

  1. Snow load
  2. Metal roof, vs. plywood and shingles
  3. Width of building

We predominantly use #1 Yellow Pine and MSR (Machine Stress Rated Material)
In the case of a doorway or opening where a 2x header does not have the strength to carry the load, a glu-lam beam is used. The depth of beam is determined by:

  1. Width of building
  2. Width of opening
  3. Snow load

Girts and Purlins

  • 2x4 SPF girts (sides) and 2x4 SPF purlins (roof) 2 ft. on center.

Sheeting on Exterior
There is a wide variety of ways to close the building in. Most of our customers prefer using the painted steel. This is the most economical, but there are other options. Following are the available options:


  • Most economical
  • 29 gauge with G100 Zinc coating with 30 Yr. warranty
  • 3/4” ribs with 9” rib pattern
  • 13 popular colors
  • Heat formed
    Please note: Most manufacturers do not do this! They will tell you i'ts too expensive, but in keeping with the quality and integrity of our buildings, this is the panel we choose to install! When the flatstock is formed, the paint tends to crack or get stressed along the bend lines if done when cold. By heating the paint, it will flex and in turn the manufacturer can give crisper bends, yielding a stronger panel and a more professional look. Heat-treated roll forming is the best way to roll a panel.


  • 4 ft. wide sheets.
  • Longest available length is 10 ft. (has to be seamed if over this length
  • Not maintenance free (Has to be painted or stained)
  • Gives you the wood look

Vinyl Siding

  • Used mostly in residential settings when a customer wants to match a building exactly to a house

Board and Batten

  • Rough cut 1x12 installed vertically with approximately 2” battens place over the cracks
  • Not maintenance free (Has to be painted or stained)
  • Gives an older wood look to building

Entry Doors
3068 professional painted steel doors

  • Heavy duty painted steel jamb
  • Stainless-steel hinges—available in white or brown

Almost any type or size window you may need is available. The standard size window we install most often on our buildings is 3’0” wide x 4’0” high. It is a single-hung insulated vinyl-clad window, with internal grids between the glass. We have available anything from un-insulated slider windows to circle tops.

Slider doors
There are a couple of different options on slider doors. The dutch slider door specs are covered in the section under stall barns. This specification covers the slider doors built on site on a regular metal clad exterior building.

  • Aluminum jambs with aluminum bottom guide rail
  • 2x6 top rail
  • Metal hat channel girts (door will not bow and twist as when using 2x4 girts)
  • Guide rail system to promote a trouble free open – close setup
  • 29 gauge painted steel clad
  • Cam latch on each end of door to secure to building when closed

Overhead Doors
We use high quality Haas doors. We would have economy doors available, but in keeping with the quality work and integrity of our company, we choose to offer you some of the best doors on the market. We have anything from a residential basic non-insulated to a raised panel insulated. Or if your needs demand a larger door, we have available and the the experience necessary to offer you anything in the commercial line. Our experience has allowed us to be on the cutting edge with our doors and yet maintain a building that is priced right. Go to this link to learn more:

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